Matcha Tin

Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the highest grade you can get, a vibrant green powder ready to mix into recipes, blend into smoothies and whisk into a tasty matcha latte for those mornings when you just need a boost!


Matcha is a superfood, high in antioxidants, it's extremely good for you and also high in caffeine so ideal to replace coffee as it leaves a more sustained boost.


Matcha is made by taking a tea leaf, removing the stems, veins and stalks from the leaf. Then grinding it down into a powder, if you see a matcha which is a deeper green or has a slightly yellow tinge then it may be that this was bulked up with other parts of the leaf. 
We prefer the bright, clean taste of the best quality matcha we can find! 

Origin: Kyoto, Japan 

Packaging: White Tin with 25g of Matcha

Portions: 25-30 cups

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