Tea Time - Earl Grey Old Fashioned

Usually when we think of tea it's in hot water, tastes great but a pretty common idea. Now why not spice it up, literally!

Our biodegradable pyramids are in essence a flavour bag so why not use it to zhuzh up your recipes?

These posts will hopefully give you some ideas and ways to get a little creative in the kitchen, it might even result in something to show off this Christmas-time.

Our first recipe is a personal favourite, an Earl Grey Old Fashioned.

Think smoky and flavourful whisky with an extra punch of citrus from the bergamot oil in the Earl Grey, coupled with orange bitters and a little sugar = the perfect match.


  • 1x Earl Grey pyramid tea bag (ours works really well, you don't want an overly strong black tea taste, mainly the bergamot oils)
  • 50ml of your favourite whisky (Jura works really well)
  • 2 tsp - Brown sugar
  • A few drops - Angostura/orange bitters
  • Ice 

The how to's:

  1. Infuse 1x Earl Grey pyramid bag in roughly 100ml of hot water for 2 mins (we just want the flavour and oils, which are released first so it's not too bitter)
  2. Add the teaspoons of brown sugar into the cup with the Earl Grey and stir, let this brew for 2-3 minutes
  3. Place 3 large ice cubes into a separate cup & pour in your chosen whisky, stir for 30 seconds to cool the whisky
  4. Take 2 ice cubes and add into the Earl Grey to chill it down
  5. Pick a tumbler with 2 fresh ice cubes and pour in your whisky
  6. 8 teaspoons of Earl Grey mixture go into the tumbler 
  7. A generous splash of Angostura bitters or orange bitters 
  8. Bonus points (but highly recommended!)
  9. Slice a strip of orange skin and squeeze a couple of drops in and run it along the edge of the glass

Now enjoy yourself!